Our buffet offers full board and friendly service. It is open 8.30 am – 10.00 pm (starts a bit earlier in high season and on weekends), selling cold beverages, coffee, tea, beer (also Czech), mulled wine, sweets and souvenirs, and you can also ask for the shelter’s stamp to impress it on something as a souvenir.

Here is a sample of our menu, with prices:

From 8.30 am – 8.00 pm the buffet offers the specialties of our kitchen.

scrambled eggs on ham (with bread and butter) – PLN 12

toasts with cheese and ham (2 pcs.) – PLN 10

French fries – PLN 9

French bread pizza (zapiekanka) – PLN 11

sauerkraut soup – PLN 14

stuffed pancake (one but large) – PLN 12-15

bigos stew with bread – PLN 16

goulash with barley and pickled cucumber – PLN 22


As befits a decent mountain shelter, boiling water is free!

From May till October we set up a summer restaurant in front of the hut.

One of the terraces is covered with a deck on which tables, chairs and garden umbrellas stand, just like before the war. It reminds you of the heyday of the place. On the deck, you can enjoy the specialties of our kitchen (purchased at the bar, inside the hut), waffles and ice cream (sold in small booths outside the hut) or eat your own supplies brought in your backpack. Have a dinner while enjoying the view of the sun setting behind the peak of Śnieżka. ?