The unique place in exceptional mountains!

“Na Szczelińcu”, a mountain shelter of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK) is located on the plateau of the highest peak of the Table Mountains, at 905 m above sea level, at a place with no access road, unreachable by any vehicle. Long ago, people fascinated by this place built 665 stairs and the shelter at the top, and it has remained so until today.

A beautiful panorama of the Karkonosze Mountains with the peak of Śnieżka, the Sowie Mountains, the Kamienne Mountains and the Broumovske Steny Mountains stretches before the shelter. Our viewing terraces offer unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. The shelter, located right in the heart of the Table Mountains National Park, is a great starting point to explore the Table Mountains, and the Broumovskie Steny on the Czech side of the border. Great Szczeliniec (Szczeliniec Wielki) and the tourist trail on its summit called the Labyrinth of Rocks, which starts next to our hut, is visited by about 300,000 tourists a year.

A great atmosphere starts in the evening, when the only people left at the top are the tourists staying for the night. Someone pulls out a guitar, someone lights the fire in the fireplace and a steaming bigos (Polish sauerkraut stew) and mulled beer with honey and spices land on the tables.

The shelter is owned by the PTTK, but since 15 September 2008 it has been leased out and operated by the company MPS Maciej Sokołowski. Our other facilities include the PTTK shelter Pasterka and the guest house Szczelinka in the village of Pasterka, at the foot of Szczeliniec.

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