Car trips on the Polish side

If you have a car and still have a few days of your holidays left, you should visit some spots placed a little further away to discover more sightseeing attractions. There are a whole lot of them, and depending on your interests and whether you are travelling with children or not, you will certainly pick something interesting. Here are some we think are worth seeing the most.


1. Wambierzyce

Wambierzyce is an old pilgrimage town associated with the cult of the Virgin Mary, which was built in a way that imitates the sacred geography of Jerusalem. It’s a must for school trips and, of course, pilgrimages. Highlights include the basilica, the Calvary situated on two hills and a moving nativity scene.

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2. Kudowa Zdrój

Kudowa is a famous spa town, definitely worth a visit: next to the pleasant spa park with palm trees and a promenade hall, Kudowa is famous for the Skull Chapel in the nearby village of Czermna. Other things to see in Kudowa include the Frog Museum, the Toy Museum and the Trail of Vanishing Trades.

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3. Kłodzko

Kłodzko is the largest city in the region (the county seat). It has a nice market square, and its biggest attraction is the mighty Kłodzko Fortress, towering over the city and once defending the road to Lower Silesia. The fortress is open for visitors, and while you’re there it is also worthwhile to see the unique, preserved mine-laying tunnels used to get to the foreground and blow up the enemy approaching the fortress. The city also has an underground tourist route and a Museum of the Kłodzko Region. If you come here in winter, you can enjoy an artificial ice rink they set up in front of the town hall.

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4. Duszniki Zdrój

Duszniki Zdrój is one of three spa towns west of Kłodzko, on the road to the border.
The most famous attraction of Duszniki is a historical paper mill. Today, the building is home to a unique museum which, in addition to tours, offers live shows and historical lessons you can take part in.
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5. Lądek Zdrój

Lądek is the gem of all spas around Kłodzko: the oldest, prettiest, cutest and best located.
In addition to being, obviously, a pretty town, Lądek hosts the most iconic event of the mountain community: Andrzej Zawada Mountain Film Festival, taking place always around the last weekend of September.
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6. Złoty Stok and the Gold Mine

The Gold Mine, the 2008 Tourist Product of the Year, is one of the biggest attractions of the region. It is a great place to visit with children as it has many special attractions designed for them. The mine itself doesn’t need advertising, as you have probably heard of it before.
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7. Kletno and the Bear Cave

The Bear Cave is undoubtedly the oldest attraction of the Kłodzko Valley, formed some 50 million years ago, with the first visitors arriving there tens of thousands years ago. This is such a huge attraction that tickets have to be booked in advance. But they say it’s worth it.
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8. Międzygórze
While you are in Międzygórze you might get an impression you have landed in a town that has been moved directly from Austria or Switzerland. The Alpine architecture, though slightly worn away with age, makes this place unusually charming. Tourist sites include the Wilczka Waterfall and the Garden of Fairy Tales. Międzygórze is also a great base for a hike to Śnieżnik mountain.
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9. Srebrna Góra
Srebrna Góra is a town at the foot of the Sowie Mountains which is perfectly preserved, has an interesting architectural layout and, most importantly, the huge Fortress defending the mountain passes. It is really worth seeing.
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