Rock labyrinth

The plateau of Great Szczeliniec has a tourist route running through, leading through its most interesting area: the so-called Rock Labyrinth. In the tourist season, you will have to buy a ticket to enter the route – the ticket desk is right next to our shelter. Ticket prices can be found on the National Park’s website (click here).


The access trail to Szczeliniec, ticketing and the trail through the Labyrinth are in the charge of the Table Mountains National Park.

The Rock Labyrinth tour starts right next to the shelter (ticket desk) and it’s a one-way trail: it leads you through the Szczeliniec plateau and ends with stairs leading back down to the village of Karłów. After you buy a ticket and enter the route leading through the Labyrinth, it is not possible to return to the mountain shelter – you have to descend to Karłów. The stairs from Karłów to our shelter, on the other hand, are two-directional: this means that you can walk from Karłów to the shelter and back to Karłów using the same stairs, without having to buy a ticket and going through the Labyrinth.


In winter season (which can last from November to late April on Szczeliniec) the access route to the shelter Na Szczelińcu is open, and the Labyrinth route is officially closed. This means that tickets for the route are not sold, and it is not protected or prepared for use by tourists. Entrance is not barred in any way, but anyone taking the route will do so at their own risk and must reckon with a potential accident.


If you have any questions or comments about the routes through the Labyrinth on Szczeliniec and the nearby Errant Rocks (Błędne Skały), please call or email the National Park:
phone: +48 74 8654925 (Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm),