Car trips on the Czech side

The tourist attractions we have selected are marked on the map below. Please click on it to see a bigger map.

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1. City of Rocks

he City of Rocks in the town of Adrspach is one of the best destinations for a day trip. It is a bigger, more extensive and slightly nicer version of Błędne Skały (Errant Rocks). It’s definitely worth seeing. The lake looks really charming…

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2. Teplice nad Metuji

Teplice is a tiny and charming Czech town. Why is it worth visiting? Because it’s the region’s climbing centre, the place where the well-known Mountaineering Film Festival takes place on the last weekend of August, and cycling competitions and other events are held. And on top of that, there is the Czech atmosphere, the Utopenec snacks and sandwiches you can buy from the store. In short: it’s a must!

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3. ZOO Safari in Dvůr Králové

This attraction is not very well known, perhaps because it is a bit further from the border. Yet, it is definitely worth going to, especially if you have children. They will enjoy looking at animals they only known from fairy tales. And, of course, every moment your child is occupied with something is a priceless moment…

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4. Ostaš Natural Reserve

Ostaš is a natural reserve similar to Błędne Skały (Errant Rocks) or Skalne Miasto (City of Rocks), but it’s definitely less popular with tourists, and some could even say it’s wild. On days when the other places are crowded, this place can be nearly empty. It’s a good place for climbing – on rock tops they have clever cans with notes about those who have climbed the rock, with records dating back a couple of decades!
The reserve does not have a website.

5. Náchod

Náchod is a border town, the capital of the region. Most visitors from Poland only pass through it on the way to Prague. Meanwhile, it’s worth to make a stop here, particularly because of the Renaissance castle which can be visited with a guide. Apart from that, the city has many other historical sites and things to see. Worth seeing!

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