Cross-country skiing

In winter, cross-country skiing trails are organized in the Table Mountains National Park. With the terrain configuration and the picturesque winter landscapes Table Mountains are a great place to do this sport. Loop trails are marked out which make it possible to navigate almost the entire area of the National Park. The hub point for the trails is the village of Karłów, with suitable accommodation and catering services.


Cross-country skiing trails in the Table Mountains are maintained by the Municipality of Radków. Up-to-date information on snow conditions and the condition of the cross-country trails can be found on (click here). Announcements concerning the Table Mountains National Park are published in Polish.


There is a cross-country ski rental shop at the Szczelinka guest house in Pasterka: click here


The main loop trail is marked in green. It has the following course: Karłów – Łąki Pasterskie – Pasterka – Droga nad Urwiskiem (Road on the Cliff) – Skalne Grzyby (Rock Mushrooms) – Batorówek – Karłów. The trail is about 26 km long.

Linking routes are marked in red. The section running along Praski Trakt (link between Karłów and Skalne Grzyby) is about 4.5 km long. The second link, marked in the same colour, links Pasterka with the border crossing at Machowski Krzyż. It is about 1.5 km long.